Monday, November 05, 2007

Is Purim in a frum neighborhood anything like this?

Here’s a question for my Orthodox readers: Is Purim in an Orthodox neighborhood as open-doored as this? Never having lived in an Orthodox neighborhood—unless you count my few years on the Upper West Side of Manhattan—I wouldn’t know, and I’m curious.


Blogger Aryeh said...

Purim in an Orthodox neighborhood is *much more* "open doored" than Halloween is (as described in that blog). But, truth be told, every Shabbos (in my neighborhood, at least) is very "open doored", with kids stopping over throughout the afternoon to play with friends, and parents often doing likewise (not to play with their friends :-), but to visit and shmooze.)

Tue Nov 06, 09:16:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

I think one thing that's missing from the non-Orthodox community is, well, community. I can't talk, not being a great one for hachnassat orchim (welcoming guests) myself. (It would certainly have helped if I'd listened to my husband and moved to a house in the 'burbs, where we would have had room, instead of insisting on staying in NYC. Who has room to entertain in a shoebox-sized apartment? Some people manage. More power to 'em.) But it would really be nice if we could just drop by our friends' homes on a Shabbat afternoon and hang out. The major drawback of the non-Orthodox tendency *not* to live within walking distance of a synagogue is that the distance makes last-minute, casual socializing less of a "just natural" thing and more of an big deal.

I'm still hoping that we'll get invited to a Purim S'udah, one of these days. (Yes, readers, that was a hint.)

Tue Nov 06, 11:56:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Aryeh said...

Well, allow me to be the first to invite you and your husband to our Purim Seudah. Since I don't live in NYC but in Baltimore, you and your husband will also have to join us for shabbos (since Purim is on Friday this year)! (We usually have between 40 and 50 people at our seudah but there's always room for a few more!)

Tue Nov 06, 12:06:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

For real? If this is a serious invitation, please contact me at onthefringe_jewishblogger at gmail dot com. Even if it's not, thanks for the thought.

Tue Nov 06, 03:55:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Oops! That's onthefringe_jewishblogger at *yahoo* dot com. I have too many e-mail accounts. :)

Tue Nov 06, 03:58:00 PM 2007  
Blogger -suitepotato- said...

The rabbi quoted in that blog post was exactly right. We are overwhelmed with nothing but fear mongering to the point that it makes the situation immensely worse because it hypersensitizes us to the point of having no idea what is going on AND steals out sense of community from us.

It could make you cry some days to see what we've given up in fear.

Tue Nov 06, 05:05:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Suitepotato, it is, indeed, a pretty sad situation.

Wed Nov 07, 10:22:00 AM 2007  

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